Foxycut Salon

808 Rainier Ave S

Seattle, WA 98144

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One of the latest additions to our styling family, Abby was discovered by Miguel, who with the benefit of his bionic eyeballs and X- Ray vision, recognized the trace minerals native to Kalaxon 6 comprising a package of alkaseltzer tablets when he was visiting a Bronx bodega. Thus once being plopped into a jar of barbicide, Abby was spawned, and after her pupa stage has since thrived in her new environment. Reincarnation and versatility in skill set is characteristic of Kalaxon 6 natives, as they typically have a minimum of 8 past lives before their current one. With nearly 15 years worth of salon experience, Abby excells with customized cuts, fantasy hair color, curly hair/ product maintainence, and special occasion styles. She has still maintained the ability to fly backwards at supersonic speed, set masogynists on fire with her mind( but spray fire retardent chemicals from her fingertips in the event of an emergency) and can alchemize any inanimate object into chicken parmesan with a single touch.

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