Who Are We? 

We are a creative community salon that provides premium haircare for a diverse clientele. We regularly take classes to improve ourselves, and train and support each other. 

We all have our "Specialties." Our prices and times may vary.  

We don't always have a receptionist so be patient with us if your not greeted at the door. Help yourself to coffee and snacks. 

We are social advocates. Talk about whatever you want to talk about, but be respectful.  

We are a safe zone of all genders, races, cultures, intergalactic visitors, and preferences. 

We are a community salon and regularly do free cuts for youth and minority social programs as well as monthly fundraisers. 


We watch TV while we do hair. 

We do not recommend this salon if you are looking for an aroma-therapy scalp massage, bubbly drinks, or if you are easily offended by top 40 music videos. What you will find is cool art, good conversation, and an entertaining atmosphere.

...Also, we have free parking in our private lot. (So ya know)