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Nam is actually the human host for an ageless Kalaxon water spirit, one that exists to evoke memories of an intangible, ephemeral nostalgia in others. Sort of like the “Midsummer Night” or “Autumn Rain” Yankee Candle scents. The water spirit deemed Nam a worthy earthly vessel after years of exhaustive research determined him to be a the most athletically superior human being on the planet and a true medical marvel (seriously, ask and he will rip a phone book in half on command). The human Nam was a blonding expert and master precision stylist prior to being possessed by space ghosts, which made him the perfect addition to the Foxycut family. We happily preform a luncheon séance on his behalf twice weekly! In his free time, Nam can be found participating in nefarious acts of debauchery with the cast of Euphoria. He also is the former owner of a Tamagotchi mill, which unfortunately fell upon hard times after all of the Tamagotchis ran off to Sri Lanka. ❤️

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