Curly Hair

Is there anything I should know before coming in for a Natural Cut?

OMG yes. Please come in with your hair as you would naturally wear it so we can look at your actual curl. No pins or hairbands. Second day hair is best.


How do you cut Natural Hair?

It depends. Usually we do an initial dry cut, then wash and style it, then cut it again for an accurate shape. All the stylists are trained to cut curly hair. That’s like our jam.


What if I want my hair cut straight?

That’s great, but you need to book a "Haircut with Blowout." This comes with a shampoo, conditioning treatment, blowdry, and a flat iron. This is super important. Do not choose "Curly Haircut." That wont give us enough time to blowout your hair first. 


What products should I use for my curls?

If you ask people with bomb curls what products they use, you will never hear the same thing twice. It’s always a combination of this conditioner, with that leave-in, this gel… What you use will be individual to your curl type, porosity, density, texture, etc. We only carry product that we that we love and found works well depending on these factors. The products we carry are from Ouidad, Deva Curl, and Mazani.

How long will it take?

About an hour and a half to three hours.