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You must read this section before booking.

A free consultation is required on all corrective and fantasy colors.


What is involved in a fantasy color?

Step 1: Online or in person consultation


Everyone's hair is very different. This can potentially take several sessions, let's do this right. If you can't come in or live far away, you can do a zoom call. Consultations are $20 that will be later applied to your service. 


Colors are not refundable. 


This can potentially take several sessions, across several days. We are experts in what we do. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will do what we can to make sure you are happy. 


How much will a color service cost?

Base Price (Initial cost of the service) plus Product Cost.

Base Price

- Base price differs depending on the stylist. It is dependent on the difficulty of the service, and the expertise of the stylist. 


Product Cost 
- Every scoop of bleach or 2oz of color is $20

- There will be a $20 charge for bleach additives to protect the hair from breakage (Optional.)  
- You pay the base price once even if it's multiple sessions

EX: Shoulder length hair with medium thickness

- Balayage base price is about $160
- Takes about 2 scoops of bleach and 4oz of color.
- Total price is about $240.

We do not recommend this salon if you are looking for an aroma-therapy scalp massage, sparkling champagne, or if you are easily offended by top 40 music videos. What you will find is cool art, good conversation, and an entertaining atmosphere.

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