Foxycut Salon

808 Rainier Ave S

Seattle, WA 98144

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What is involved in a fantasy color?
That depends on what color you’re going for, how light you want to go, how dark your hair is, if it has color in it already   …simple answer, a lot. That’s why we insist on a consultation before you book any fantasy color. These colors might not necessarily be cheap, easy, or fast. If you think yours might be, call us and we can ask you a few questions and maybe forgo the consultation. Also, silver and rose gold are considered fantasy colors.
How much will a color service cost?

We’ve decided to base our color service prices on how much product we use. So there’s a Base Price and a Product Cost. The Base Price is the initial cost of the service (*this price differs depending on the stylist.) After that, each scoop of lightener or 2oz of color is an extra $20. If you have a service that will take multiple visits, you will only pay the Base Price on your first visit, after that you only pay the Product Cost.


EX: Balayage – $160 plus Product Cost  

*Most shoulder length hair with medium thickness takes about 2 scoops of bleach and 4oz of toner or color.  So about $240.

How do I book it?

Fantasy colors can take a few visits to accomplish. If you have dark brown hair and want to go to a light silver, we need to bleach your hair to a pale yellow. The first visit we can go from dark brown to light brown. The second visit we can go to a light blonde. The third visit we can get to silver. We can do it in one or two visits, but that might require a second stylist. Definitely book a consultation first. For online booking, book the consultation at least a day before you service. You can book the services at that point, or book it on the day of your consultation.  Call us if you’re not sure of something. (206-381-3699

What’s the salon like?

We do not recommend this salon if you are looking for an aroma-therapy scalp massage, sparkling champagne, or if you are easily offended by top 40 music videos. What you will find is cool art, good conversation, and an entertaining atmosphere.

Where do I park?

We have free Parking in our private lot.