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Our apprentice, Meredith, was originally discovered as an egg by Miyoko in the primary glitter cave of the faerie realm on her home planet of Kalaxon 2. Due to Miyokos strong maternal drive and love for all things glittery and colorful, Meredith came to planet Earth by virtue of being carefully smuggled through the ITSA(Intergalactic Transportation Security Administration) in Miyoko's carry on luggage. She was then incubated in the Foxycut laundry room until hatchling season, and has since been thriving in her new environment due to a genetic abnormality of being half faerie, half porous sponge (aiding her greatly in her cosmetology education), and 100% bad to the bone. Lover of all things flighty, imaginative, and fantastical, young Meredith has a natural eye and strong focus in fantasy hair color.

Foxycut Salon

808 Rainier Ave S

Seattle, WA 98144

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