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Stephanie’s career ambitions exploded into a kaleidoscope of vibrance after a supermassive black hole sent her spiraling down a tornadic vortex from her graduation ceremony and onto the awe inspiring cliffs of Kalaxon 2’s opalescent temple. The incident forever altered Stephanie’s memory, giving her the power to siphon cosmetology knowledge from thin air( as well as fuel from hangared aircrafts). Stephanie also has a fondness for bagels, and has been known to necromance stale ones back to the glory of their former, delicious selves. She has even been known to bestow the gift of life to the occasional breakfast food and has a menagerie of adorable, sentient baked goods living in her home. Rumor has it that Stephanie is directing a stop motion feature film with said adorable baked goods and anticipates making a fortune off the international release when it's finished.