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Seven trillion light years away and far far beyond the comprehendible borders associated with the dawn of time itself exists the ancient Kalaxion Empire on the razor’s edge of the Tijeras Galaxy. This cluster of planets is the holy ground and original birth place of all of the cosmetology knowledge known to mankind!

Natives of the Kalaxion Empire are inherently born with a superior skillset in the creative arts and chemical/ product application, as their entire purpose has always been and always will be devoted solely to haircare excellence. Ten years ago, a select group of Kalaxion natives saw how desperately their skills were needed on planet Earth, so armed with a dream, a spaceship, and all of the cosmetology knowledge in existence, Foxycut was born! We are an intergalactically recognized creative community salon that provides premium haircare for a diverse clientele.

We don't always have a receptionist so be patient with us if you're not greeted at the door. Help yourself to caffeine and sustenance provided! We are social advocates. We encourage you to talk about whatever you want to talk about, but please be respectful. We are a safe zone of all aliens, genders, races, cultures, and preferences. We are a community salon and regularly do free cuts for youth and minority social programs, as well as monthly fundraisers. We watch TV while we do hair (we absorb all necessary information about the human race via television, lest we accidently shapeshift back to our true form due to lack of exposure).

We do NOT recommend this salon if you are looking for an aroma-therapy scalp massage, bubbly drinks, don’t appreciate obscure science fiction references, or if you are easily offended by top 40 music videos. What you will find is cool art, great conversation, and an entertaining atmosphere. And(obviously) truly beautiful hair. ...Also, we have free parking in our private lot. A luxury in any galaxy!

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